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April 28, 2021

The Four Cores of AD1

A company’s values play an important role in team productivity, team morale, overall direction and performance. Values should not be tied to any specific goal but instead emanate from leadership to pervade the organization. The values are the beliefs which produce the results. A company with good values and culture will attract the right talent required for any given position. As an employer it’s not our role to change someone but it’s in our interest to attract the right person whose values align with the company values. By employing people whose values align, management saves a lot of time and headache by not having to micro-manage. Employees will do the right work and produce at high levels with autonomy because they know there is a bigger purpose than just making money. Values are deeply held beliefs which give an organization direction and purpose as well shape the organizational culture. There are no right or wrong values but there should be values. In this post we will simply share our company’s core values.

1. Core purpose- Our core purpose is to provide EXCELLENCE & VALUE to our guests and clients.

2. Core values- Our core values are to be empathetic, be proactive, be a professional and exceed expectations.

3. Core ideology- Our core ideology is non-duality, to function as one mind.

4. Core question- What action can I take right now to fix this problem forever?

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